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Webinar Details

Wednesday, May 24th

11:00 AM EDT / 8:00 AM PDT

Webinar Lineup

Troy Graham

VP of Business Development, Descartes

Daniel Jacobsen

Account Executive, Cin7

About this webinar

Are you stuck in the chaos of spreadsheets? Join Cin7 and Descartes to discuss common spreadsheet pitfalls and how to solve for them. We'll share where to start your journey, the inventory management software solutions to consider along the way, and how to use those solutions.


Spreadsheet challenges can make your business unreliable, inconsistent and create unexpected costs. We're here to help your business become more cost-effective and less error-prone. Once you resolve your spreadsheet struggles you'll find yourself with happy customers, a more predictable and scalable business, and most importantly - some peace of mind - that's what we want for your business.



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