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Modern inventory management software for multichannel businesses

Product-focused businesses can be tough to manage. Cin7 can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you, seamlessly integrating all your stock across all channels. Choose from Cin7 Omni or Cin7 Core to get real-time inventory oversight in one centralized system.

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Gain real-time inventory management for a fraction of what it's costing you now


Multichannel inventory management

Real-time inventory management across your ecommerce (Shopify, Amazon, etc.), wholesale, EDI, and consumer sales channels lowers operating costs, reduces dead stock, and increases sales and profits. Select the automations to improve fulfillment and lower operating costs.


Powerful Integrations Create One Source of Truth and Efficiency

Easily configure Cin7 to the way your business operations today and for the future. Choose from 700+ integrations for accounting, shipping, marketplaces, EDIs, 3PLs, and more. Everyone and every team gets the same accurate, realtime information.


Everyone Wins With End-To-End Visibility and Experts Ready to Help

Everyone and every team can all easily access the latest inventory and orders information in real-time on any device. 100% native cloud solution with advanced automations and notifications makes everything run smoother. Plus, experts to help you get started, optimize, and growth your business.


One Source of Truth

With a real-time, 360 degree of your inventory across all locations and channels, you'll immediately gain greater efficiency, reduce over-stocking, and improve planning and purchasing.


Planning And Forecasting

Gain valuable insights for inventory and order planning using the comprehensive library of reports and forecasting tools. Reduce overstock, dead stock, and stock-outs with Cin7's insight and planning tools.


3PL Integrations Are Included

Gain efficiency, scale, and reduce operational complexities with Cin7's built-in 3PL integrations. Best-in-class order routing and order exception handling save hundreds of hours of manual work every week.


SKU and Stock Management

Optimize SKU/stock across all locations and met demand wherever you sell - online, offline, or both. 


EDI Integrations Are Included

Reduce manual operations and save money by not having separate EDI software with Cin7's built-in EDI with automated order management.


Best-In-Class Integrations With QuickBooks Online And Xero

Save months of work and thousands of dollars by simply turning on Cin7's best-in-class accounting integrations. Don't rip and replace your accounting system or experience the pain and complications of trying to implement an ERP.



Enjoy efficient high-growth by turning on any and all sales channels

Gain efficiencies and eliminate error-prone manual processes by automating any combination of sales channels including EDI-requiring retailers and 3PL fulfillment.


Gain efficiency with a turnkey system, all the core modules, pre-configured

Streamline operations, increase profitable growth, all in one system with powerful warehouse, manufacturing, and retail capabilities.

Our Customers


Steve Dunlap, CEO, Meghan Fabulous


In fact, Cin7's not only a no-brainer, it's an absolute requirement. It's the heart of our business. It's our single source of truth that everyone trusts. I can't even begin to describe how much we saved with Cin7's automations as we scaled our business. Cin7 has all the benefits of high-end systems like Netsuite and SAP with out the being to expensive to implement, use, and grow with.


Steve Dunlap, CEO, Meghan Fabulous


Over 700 integrations enable real-time inventory management and unrivaled efficiency.